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GEM PREMIER HOTEL & SPA - The luxury boutique 3.5 stars hotel in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter closed all famous! Emphasizing refined glamour, timeless elegance and luxurious comfort, our hotel is perfect, unique, French architecture, red, white and black colors decoration and a dedicated, professional, friendly team will ensure to bring you the most unforgettable and memorable stay in Hanoi and Vietnam.


  •  Address: No 54A Ngo Huyen, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi city
  •  Phone: +84 2439386144 - Fax: +84 2439386143
  •  Hotline: +84 935458686 Reception Department
  •  Manager: Tom Nguyen Hoang ( Mr. ) - Sale manager
  •  Email: sales@gempremierhotel.com
  •  Website: www.gempremierhotel.com